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Say hello to Katie, local illustrator

Updated: May 6, 2020

I first saw Katie's local pictures a few months ago and thought wow. It's inspired to start a series of blog articles where we can find out more about the people behind our local clubs, societies, shops and businesses. So let us introduce you to Katie Hounsome, local illustrator who while on maternity leave with a baby girl and a toddler juggles parenting and a love of drawing to create some great local pictures.

How did you start out?

I grew up with creativity around me and was lucky to be supported and encouraged in all my creative endeavours. I attended Loughborough University where I gained my Art Foundation ahead of completing a Graphic and Media Design Degree at the London College of Communication.

What inspired you with your local pictures?

In June 2019 I started to draw on an iPad with an App called Procreate. One of the first pictures I drew was the wind turbines at Langford as they represented to me the feeling of happiness coming home on the train from work in London. I posted it on We Love Biggleswade and the response was phenomenal – this is how the posters took off! People started to ask for requests of local villages (I now have a long list to get through!) and the success of the posters has led on to the Shuttleworth commissioning me to create their 2020 Airshow posters. I now have a back catalogue of 13 posters.

What influences your style?

I'm heavily influenced by retro art deco posters which I incorporate with silhouettes and bold graphical imagery. I like using limited colour palettes and playing with hand written typography. I love the classic vintage look but aim to bring it up to a modern standard.

Can we order a print?

Yes, here's my recent Potton print - keep scrolling to find out how to order

Do you sell prints?

Yes, you can order the Potton vintage poster via my website. I also have prints featuring a number of local places including:

  • Potton

  • Sandy

  • Langford

  • Biggleswade & St. Andrews church

  • Shuttleworth & Swiss Garden

  • Ickwell

  • ..and more to come

Prints are available in a variety of sizes ranging from A5, with the largest print to date being a stunning A1 size!

If you would like to buy a print you can contact me via the website or on my Facebook page

I am happy to fulfil orders via the postal service

Contact details

Katie's website:

Get in touch to share your story

If you'd like to share your story with the rest of Potton just give us a shout at

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