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Local Council Elections

On 4th May 2023 a local election for councillors to Central Bedfordshire Council for the Potton Ward take place. Potton Town Councillors will come to the end of their four-year term and you'll get TWO votes on election day from a choice of 7 candidates so be heard and vote for those that will make the biggest difference to our local community.

Where do I go and when?

On 4th May you'll be able to vote between 7am and 10pm at the Mill Lane Pavillion

And don't forget you will need Photo ID to vote; more on that here

Who's standing?

You can find out more about who's standing in Potton here:


  • Adam Zerny

  • Tracey Wye

Conservative and Unionist Party

  • Robert Matthew Pullinger

  • Suzanne Clare Worboys

Green Party

  • Rebecca Beattie

Labour Party

  • Rhiannon Elizabeth May Charlton Barrow

  • Robert Antony Cheesewright

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