March update from Adam Zerny

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

In this month's update...

  • New A428 route announced

  • CBC throws in its lot with developers

  • Council reacts to Sandy pollution - but is it enough?

  • 1,500 houses east of Biggleswade approved

  • Local Plan hit by further delay

Can you help with delivering leaflets?

It's almost that time again! Local elections for Central Beds Council will take place on 2nd May this year. As ever, i'm always on the lookout for people who can deliver leaflets for me, even if only to a few streets. So if you find the newsletters useful and can spare a few minutes, please drop me a line! Thanks

Good news for Tempsford and Abbotsley for new A428 route

Highways England has announced the route for the section of the A428 between Caxton Gibbet and the Black Cat roundabout and it will stay close to the current road. The A1 will also run uninterrupted under the Black Cat but this could have implications for traffic build-up around Sandy. To read more click here.

Central Beds throws in its lots with the developers

Our esteemed local authority has decided to become a housing developer and has set-up its own Housing Development Company in order to sell-off public land for housing. The Council claims this is so it can ensure more 'affordable' housing is built but if that's the case, why not just contract developers to built the right mix? Read more about it here.

CBC reacts to Sandy pollution - but is it enough?

Last May I raised concerns about dangerously high levels of pollution recorded in Sandy near to the A1. CBC has finally put together a report, acknowledging the scale of the issue but I'm not convinced its proposals go far enough. Read more here. CBC's is running a consultation on its proposals here.

1,500 houses east of Biggleswade approved

A development of some 1,500 houses immediately to the east of Biggleswade was approved by CBC last month. Remarkably, only one Biggleswade CBC councillor voiced concerns to Planning officers about this application and Biggleswade Town Council did not oppose it. Read more here.

Local Plan delayed again

The latest delay to CBC's Local Plan means it will not now go to a public inquiry until at least May. Read more about what's happening here.

Wrestlingworth church roof fundraising

In late 2018, most of the lead from St Peters Church in Wrestlingworth, was stolen. The local community are determined to repair the 13th Century building and are raising funds and applying for grants. The sum involved, £62,500, is high, so they have launched an appeal to help get to the roof replaced. Find out more here.

Planning application for houses off Willow Road, Potton

CBC has granted permission for a development of nine houses off Willow Road, Potton. T