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Potton's local brewery

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Potton Brewing Company logo

Emma & Guy Horsfall took over Potton Brewery in August 2023 from Richard Haigh and brew a range of beers right here in Potton.

I met Emma and Guy at the Christmas Lights switch on and purchased a couple of their gift boxes (3 bottles for £11) for friends and family. I then sampled a Potton Brewery Shannon and Village Recycler purchased from Waresely Garden centre and will be getting some more - they were lovely.

So if you're stuck for a gift idea why not shop local and support a great local business.

Their beers reflect the long heritage of brewing in Potton using some of the renowned historic recipes with occasional seasonal or special beers to add variety.

Potton Brewery Beers

Potton Brewery make a range of 7 beers, read on to find out more.

Pride of Potton Strong Ale label
Pride of Potton

Pride of Potton Strong Ale

Pride of Potton speaks for itself, like Potton it is an ale emanating pride and strength and at the heart and centre of our range.

  • ABV: 6.2%

  • Notes: Caramel balanced by the gentle hops. Smooth and strong, one to savour!

Shannon IPA beer label
Shannon IPA

Shannon Traditional English IPA

Shannon was the name of the engine which ran on the branch line between Sandy and Potton, built by Captain Sir William Peel in 1857. This beer is made to the recipe supplied by the original Potton Brewery.

  • ABV: 3.5%

  • Colour: Clear, Dark golden.

  • Hops used: Cascade, East Kent golding, Target.

  • Notes: A session strength traditional English IPA. Light malt flavour with delicate herby and earthy notes.

Transmitter Golden Ale label

Transmitter Golden Ale

The transmitter a television broadcast station located between Sandy and Potton it was built in 1965 and is visible for miles around Potton.

  • ABV: 4.0%

  • Colour: Clear, Golden.

  • Hops used: Mandarina Bavaria, Target.

  • Notes: Subtle citrus aroma. Clean, fresh taste with slight sweet citrus finish.

Village Recycler label
Village Recycler

Village Recycler Best Bitter

The recipe of the award winning Village Bike was bequeathed by the original Potton Brewery, we hope we’ve done justice to a magnificent beer with a slight rebrand for the 21st century.

  • ABV: 4.3%

  • Colour: Amber, Clear.

  • Hops used: Cascade, East Kent golding, Target.

  • Notes: A big malty beer, offset by Cascade & East Kent Golding hops for a balanced flavour with honey, earthy and slight citrus notes.

Crow Stout label
Crow Stout

Crow Stout

Crow is dark, smooth and nothing like a nitro-stout, this is a lovely traditional stout with a subtle hop finish.

  • ABV: 4.5%

  • Colour: Black.

  • IBU: 24

  • Hops used: Target.

  • Notes: Roast and coffee aroma. Coffee, chocolate and gentle roasted flavour.

Holly Pup Dark Mild label
Holly Pup

Holly Pup Dark Mild

Holly Pup is our signature mild, using darker malts for deeper colour and flavour with a good hop balance on the palette.

  • ABV: 3.8%

  • Colour: Clear, Dark ruby.

  • Hops used: Target.

  • Notes: A deliciously easy-drinking mild with fruit and chocolate flavours.

Sunny Day Pale Ale (currently sold out)

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.” 

  • ABV: 4.8%

  • Colour: hazy, Pale Golden.

  • Hops used: Admiral, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Jester.

  • Notes: Aroma of soft fruits. Light, malty and bitter taste with fruit, pine and citrus finish.

How do I get hold of a bottle..or two?

Shannon, Transmitter, Village Recycler, Pride of Potton, Crow and Holly Pup, are all available either directly from The Potton Brewery by getting in contact or seeing them at one of the local markets.

Potton Brewery beers are also available from many of the local independent shops and garden centres.

Contact Potton Brewery

Prices at our local brewery

£3.50 per bottle

£10 for 3 bottles £1 extra in a gift pack

£35 for 12 bottles

Their beer is available to the pub trade, shops and public in cask (72 pints), pin (36 pints) and 500ml bottle.

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