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September update from Adam Zerny

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

In this month's update...

  • How did local rubbish end up in the Malaysian jungle

  • Huge pensions given to Council officers

  • Referendum on Potton's Neighbourhood Plan

  • Street parking saved as developer agrees to revise plans

  • CBC to cut early morning buses

So just how did local rubbish end up in the Malaysian jungle? Many will have seen the recent TV documentary about rubbish being dumped in Malaysia. It turns out local authorities are far from aware of what is really happening. Read all about what Adam discovered when he investigated here.

Central Beds paying out huge pensions to senior officers We have discovered CBC is providing pensions in excess of £20,000 per year to senior staff and making contributions of well in excess of the private sector average, to all staff. Read the full details here.

£70million funding for Biggleswade The Government has announced a £70m sweetener for Biggleswade to accept thousands of new houses. However, all may not be as the glossy press releases suggest. Most of the money will just pay for a new 'supergrid' to replace the existing electricity substation. Read more here.

Willow Road parking saved A developer whose plans for houses in Potton would have seen the loss of street parking, has agreed to revise their plans to ensure the spaces are not lost. Read more about the plans here.

Everton Road planning application back to Council committee A planning application for 30 houses on Everton Road, Potton, will return to the Council's Planning Committee during September after the developer proposed changes which would mean less Section 106 money for the local community. You can read more here.

CBC to cut early morning buses CBC is proposing to cut early morning buses from Potton and surrounding villages, to Biggleswade and Sandy. It will mean only one bus to Sandy will run before 8am and the first bus to Biggleswade will not leave until 8.25am. Read more on the changes here.

Lalo 1250th birthday celebrations A small group of Pottonians travelled to Langenlonsheim recently for Potton's twin town's 1250th aniversary. See all the pictures here. Plans are afoot to invite our German twins over for Party on Potton in 2020.

Referendum on Potton's Neighbourhood Plan On October 3rd there will be a Referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan, a document put together by local residents to ensure the town has more say in future developments and infrastructure. To read more about it, click here.

Local Plan We understand in the coming month, the Local Plan inspector will comment to CBC about what they believe should happen next. As soon as there is any news we'll update you via facebook and the newsletter.

New bus stop for Sandy Road? CBC have agreed to confirm in the coming weeks whether they will be able to provide a new bus stop close to the cemetery on Sandy Road, Potton. Watch this space.

Thanks for reading, and if you think you know ANYONE who would want to know about any of the issues mentioned above, please share this with them.

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Adam Zerny and Tracey Wye Independent Central Bedfordshire Councillors for Potton ward

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