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A rubbish update!

So, those of you that are hoping to get garden waste collected soon - we have news

Garden Waste will be collected

Good news - Central Beds Council (CBC) have confirmed they will be collecting garden waste between 18th October and 30th October to try and clear the backlog...but, there's a but...

Food waste wont be collected between 18-30 October

So to help get the garden waste collected, food waste wont be collected in those weeks (18th-30th October) so don't put it food waste bins out then. Food waste collections will resume from 1st November.

Tip bookings no longer needed

Good news - from Monday 27th September you will no longer need to book a slot at the tip or Household Waste Recycling Centre as it's now referred to.

For more information (and a video!) plus recommendations about what to do with your food waste between 18-30 October just visit the CBC website

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1 commento

Membro sconosciuto
17 set 2021

I don’t know what’s worse paying council tax for no garden waste or additional maggots in your black bin (because let’s face it that’s where we’re going to to put it or as I’ve seen walk down to the public waste bin) Are we going to be getting a refund on resource that we are paying for however, through circumstance not being received?

Answer. No.

I totally understand the reasons applied but we have still been billed for it and have “ all“(well certainly from my area as I’ve been helping disposing the neighbours garden waste by booking with the local tidy tip brilliant service, no que, alotted time to suit, to now to take the booking system away madness!?…

Mi piace
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