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Buses in Potton

Below you'll find information about bus services running in Potton. We've also added the FAQs from Grant Palmer below who now run the 72/73 services.

At the bottom of the page there's information about who you can contact if you've got feedback about the services

Route 72/73 Sandy - Potton - Bedford

Grant Palmer recently announced a revised service from 31st Oct, to include:

Other direct Buses from Potton to Biggleswade

The only direct buses running between Potton and Biggleswade is the 188/190 service. The timetable can be found on the Centrebus website

School buses

  • Herberts run separate school buses from Potton to Biggleswade.

Grant Palmer - Frequently Asked Questions:

These are the FAQs from the Grant Palmer website (29 Oct 2022). The live upto date FAQs can be found on the Grant Palmer website

What time will the new 72 and 73 services run?

The services will operate up to every hour between Bedford and Sandy with two hourly extensions to Biggleswade and Sandy. Buses will operate to broadly the same times from Bedford Bus Station.

Will the route stay the same?

Yes, buses will take the same route as the 72 and 73 services operated by Stagecoach. You can see a printable map here.

Do you take card payment?

Yes, we accept contactless payment. The cheapest way to travel for regular customers is to use our tap on tap off payment system. Simply put your card to the machine, wait for the beep, then when you get the bus put your card to the reader mounted on the last handpole. Customers travelling between Bedford and Sandy will only pay £26.40 for a week’s travel.

Can I use my bus pass on the new services?

Yes concessionary bus passes are accepted on all of our services.

Do you offer children’s fares?

Yes, children aged 4 and under travel for free. Young people aged 5 to 16 are entitled to a discount on standard fares. Remember if you or your child looks older than 16 you may be asked to show ID such as a college ID card, provisional licence or student card.

Do you offer discounts for students?

Students can benefit from our discounted monthly ticket- available for just £75, it gives a month’s unlimited bus travel. Ideal for students travelling to Bedford. There are no concessions available on standard on bus fares.

Can I track my bus?

Yes, if you download the free Grant Palmer app you can see where your bus is in live time. Our push notifications let you know of any planned diversions or changes. Make sure you turn them on in your notifications.

Can I buy a ticket on my phone?

Yes, a full range of tickets is available to buy through our website and app.

Can I get a paper timetable for the service?

Yes, unlike the previous operator we will be printing full colour guides for our services including the 72 and 73 routes. Copies will be available on our buses, at bus stations and local libraries too.

How much is my fare?

Use our fare calculator to work out the cost of single and return journeys.

The new timetable doesn’t meet my needs, why is it only ever hour?

We have worked in partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council to take over operation of the 72 and 73 services at short notice. The service was previously operated by another operator at a considerable loss. The new timetable will be more financially viable, whilst continuing to offer a core service for customers in Sandy, Potton and Biggleswade. We have timed buses for students in Potton, Biggleswade and Sandy as well as workers and shoppers too. The new timetable allows us to launch the services sustainably whilst protecting the wider East Bedfordshire bus network.

I understand that you’re short of drivers, why are you taking on a new service?

We have worked with Central Bedfordshire Council to redeploy resources from an existing service to undertake the 72 and 73 routes. Although there is a nationwide shortage of professional drivers, including PCV and HGV licence holders, we have made considerable investments to recruit new staff and retain our existing workforce. Additionally we have opened our own Driver Training School, allowing us to attract non-licence holders and bring them to our company.

If you have a PCV licence and are interested in operating the 72 and 73 services or if you’re looking for a new career with great benefits, local management and an hourly rate of £12.80 we would love to hear from you. Get in touch here.

I have a Stagecoach ticket, what should I do?

Unfortunately we are not able to honour any Stagecoach Megarider or Dayrider tickets. Please speak with Stagecoach for a refund of your existing ticket. The chart below shows the best ticket for many customers, but if you have a specific ticketing enquiry not shown below please contact

I travel between Bedford & Cople Turn- Swap from a Megarider to a Bedford Zone One Day or Week Ticket. Buy on bus or use the tap on tap off system for automatic caps

I travel between Bedford, Sandy, Potton or Biggleswade- Our network fares apply. Students can save with a discounted monthly ticket available here.

I travel in a group- Swap from a Grouprider to Multi-buy Return. Up to four people for just £12.

For further fares information please see here.

I have a question which isn't listed, what should I do?

You can use the Grant Palmer FAQ tool here

Not happy with the bus services?

Following Stagecoach dropping dozens of local bus routes pressure was applied to CBC by local Councillors* and CBC recently announced Grant Palmer would run a revised service.

Local councillors have raised concerns with CBC about the diminished service between Potton and Sandy/Bedford in that only one bus would run to Potton after 3.15pm meaning services no longer work for commuters hoping to catch trains.

*Thankyou to the following local councillors for applying pressure to CBC:

  • Cllr Adam Zerny & Cllr Tracey Wye (Potton)

  • Cllr Simon Ford (Sandy),

  • Cllr Dr Hayley Whitaker and Cllr Steven Watkins (Biggleswade)

If you use services which have been dropped, email CBC at or directly with Grant Palmer at and copy in local councillors and . With a little luck the council will start to realise it’s not just a handful of people affected.

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