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Help keep our shelves full

I firmly believe something needs to be done to prevent people bulk buying items from stores, stripping the stock and then reselling the same items on eBay (or other sources) at inflated prices. I just did a little experiment and it took me one minute to see that this is happening.

Example out of stock item

A 24 pack of Tesco brand toilet roll.

  • price £8 (out of stock)

  • eBay rip off price - £37

This is quite simply wrong that the same item (see below) is being sold on eBay 362% above the retail price!

Wrong on many levels

This was a single check on one item, I suspect a search for hand cleaners, tinned or dried foods would see the same result. This is wrong on so many levels:

  1. Contributes to the supply chain issues everyone is seeing at their local stores

  2. These [insert your own word] people are consciously profiteering and inflicting problems on others

  3. Creating social discord and creating a climate of panic buying - not fair on us as consumers or supermarket staff who are trying their best.

Tesco toilet paper being sold at 362% above retail price on eBay is keen to find out if anything can be pushed through parliament to:

  1. Shut down any online traders who are stockpiling items and then reselling at inflated prices on eBay or other sites.

  2. See their stock forcibly reclaimed and redistributed back to local councils or charities to share/donate to those most in need.

  3. Temporary measures to allow retailers to monitor and prevent bulk purchase of certain items.

Government petition coming soob

I'm keen to get this looked at by Parliament and try and help stop the craziness being seen in our supermarkets / shops and get these shady selfish [insert your own word] shut down for good.

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