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OCT 3rd - This referendum matters!

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Referendum on Potton's Neighbourhood Plan On October 3rd there will be a Referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan, a document put together by local residents to ensure the town has more say in future developments and infrastructure.

The team who have developed Potton's Neighbourhood Plan over the last five years, are calling on you to cast your vote in support of their work, next month.

You can find the following and more on Adam Zerny's Facebook page or the Potton Neighbourhood Plan website

What's the Neighbourhood plan?

It's a document drawn-up on behalf of a community which sets-out a shared view of how it will grow and what facilities it will require.

Why does it matter to vote?

Once agreed by Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) and ratified by a referendum by the residents of Potton, the Neighbourhood Plan will become a statutory document which means that by law it has to be taken into account by CBC when planning applications are determined. It doesn't prevent development but it does give the town a real say in its future.

What work has been going on to write our Potton Neighbourhood Plan?

The project saw a housing survey conducted in 2014 and the full Plan survey in 2017. Over the past three years, the team involved have talked to residents about what the community values about Potton and what you want the town to retain and achieve over the next 20 years. Using this information, they have written the Potton Neighbourhood Plan, outlining these joint visions for the future and the policies required to achieve it.

These include areas such as:

  • Infrastructure

  • Housing needs

  • Local employment/industry

  • Transport

  • Natural environment

A vote YES in this local referendum will support our Neighbourhood plan and ensure local residents have a greater say in Potton's future.

To be adopted the Plan requires a majority to support it.

Can I find out more?

Yes, full information is available at the Potton Neighbourhood Plan website

Potton Neighbourhood Plan referendum
Vote yes to make it happen

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